Programming Only Form

REQUIRED: Please print correct form. Repair forms are required per unit even if from same vehicle.


 ACS is not responsible for lost or damage during shipping, packages that arrive damage to our facility will be declined. 


How It Works

How does a repair service work? Once a repair service is purchased, you must print out proper required repair form. Fill out all question on the form leave none blank, sign and date form. If sending in multiple units for repair each unit needs paperwork even if from the same vehicle. Package up your unit safely and send to address on repair form. There is a 1 to 3 day turnaround on most ("Per Unit or Per Service") from time of arrival & check-in process. Please note if your item is not prepaid prior to arrival full price will apply (no sales prices will be granted). We do not issue Refunds on Testing, programming or Repair Services. Technical Support is only for previous repairs & purchases. OEM part(s) are a must! PLEASE MAKE SURE PROPER DIAGNOSES IS DONE PRIOR TO SENDING UNIT IN!!!  Units that have been previously opened & damage in opening process, additional charges will apply for the repair of the damages done from improper opening. Units that are UNATTENDED, UNPAID or UNCLAIMED for 30 days will be property of ACS.

If Not Repairable

All units get tested prior to repair. Repair services are a 50/50 chance of being repaired. If deemed not repairable, we have a large selection of replacement unit that are Plug & Drive and most ship out UPS free ground within 1 to 3 days from time order was placed & payment cleared "Core Charge may apply". If a unit is not repairable should you choose not to replace with us test fee & shipping will apply.