Wiring Harness Repair Service

NO time for a harness repair at home or in the shop!

No problem, send your harness to us! We can find your short in your main engine wiring harness, Injector harness, transmission harness etc.... We will fully rebuild your harness. ( Need your computer tested? Check out our Test & Repair page. )

Is there oil in your harness? With physical inspection, do your harness wires feel hard? Or you know you have a short but can not find it?!

If you have oil in your harness than you definitely have a problem! The detergent in the oil breaks down the plastic insulation on the wires making them soft. Now heat and vibration from the motor will cause the wire to rub and expose the copper wire. In time this will cause the wires to melt together making them hard and brittle. There is your short! This problem is what took out your ECM. No problem we also offer Test & Repair Services for your ECM PCM TCM etc..

Fast Turn Around

We ask for 6 to 10 business days for all harness repairs. Just in case we have to order a part. Does not include fire damage, plugs or straps, please call for pricing. *MOST REPAIRS ARE DONE WITHIN 5 DAYS

Wiring Harness Repair Form

Print Form And Fill Out Completely. Send Completed Form With Your Harness.